Morea productions


  • We divided the users into 2 categories. One is a part of an non profit organization. And the other are people who use it for there profit oriented company. Through the free to use version we wanna drive new customers on to our platform and turn them in to paying customers.

  • The new key feature is to costumazie as much as you want, there unlimited posiblieteis with our integrated widget creator. This alone was not usable enough for most users that why we created an template library were you can use pre made widgets without needing to spend too much time and effort in creating your own one.

  • The new simple Dashboard helps the user to stay organized. We also included subgroups for organization so that every team can display the information and tools that they use the most.
  • Intuitive Layout whit many ways to execute the same task. Edit Button changes its function based on where you are and what you are doing on the app.


  • No strategy in making the application profitable.

  • The Application is tailored for on specific organization, its not usable for any other group.

  • Cluttering Interfaces with way too much information.
  • Unfamiliar widget adding system not usable without knowledge about framework systems
  • All in one Application with many different function like the calendar, chat function and the collaboration space.